Initial RequirementEdit

Evolution Feature Unlocks for Trainers at Level 13.

  • Note - Any Same Monsters Fused Prior to Unlock at level 13 will not be credited.

Getting Started:Edit

  • Evolution is an Addition to "Fusion" menu
  • Evolution located on right hand side of Fusion Menu
  • Two Evolution Progress Bars Added
  • Top Evolution Bar indicates progress of current rarity monster to next evolution change
  • Bottom Evolution Bar indicate progress of current monster till its "Legendary Evolution"


  • Evolution increases the max stats of your monster based on it's rarity
  • Monsters are able to progress through evolution if fused with the same type of monster.


Base Monster: Chiroll

Fusion Monster: Chirolll

Effect: Evolution Bar Progression + Standard Fusion Increased Base Stats

Base Monster: Chiroll

Fusion Monster: Wing Star

Effect: No Evolution Bar Progression + Standard Fusion Increased Base Stats

  • Once Evolution Bar Progression Reaches its maximum, Base Monster will evolve and increase its rarity and maximum stats.


Common Chiroll's Evolution Bar Reaches Maximum Progress, Common Chiroll's rarity is changed to Uncommon.


   Maximum Stats are increased
   Rarity Changed to Next Rarity Up
   New Evolution Bar for Next Rarity Increase shown
   Background of Monster is changed to match its new rarity.

Evolution Tickets:

   These items can be used to progress the Evolution Card.
   Exact same effect as fusing your base monster with another same type monster.
   Evolution Card Rarity must match Base Monster's Rarity
   Cards are consumed upon use. 


Rare Evolution Card -> Rare Base Monsters Only.

Common Evolution Card -> Common Base Monsters Only.

Legendary Evolution:

   Monster to have a rarity of Epic
   Monster must reach its maximum Epic stats to evolve into Legendary
   When Legendary Evolution happens, monster's appearance will change