Fire Impoo
Fire Impoo

No. 003

Fire Impoo







Initial Trick

Dangerous Prank

Fire Impoo is a Fire Element Monster that can be acquired from spinning the Silver Gacha.

Monster Book EntryEdit

Fire Impoos love things spicy. These bandits are legendary for stealing precious spice plants from ranches. After they've done their thieving, they like to see which of them can eat the spiciest food! Perhaps their stomachs are lined with steel.

Len's Description
"This monster is a Fire Impoo. They like to play pranks on people. I used to have a Fire Impoo in my Lab, and I'll tell you it darned near burned the whole place down!"


Fire Impoo is based on and named after an Imp. It has black eyes that look like sunglasses, a pale red body with back stripes on its horns, and wields a metal fork. It moves around by flying with its black bat wings. It appears to be giving a thumbs-up with its left hand when pleased.

Max StatsEdit

Common Uncommon Rare Epic
Max. Stamina 385 660 1760 3960
Max. Power 225 375 900 1800
Max. Agility 210 350 840 1680

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