No. 048








Initial Trick

Spin Kick

Hochlee is a Fire Element Monster that can be acquired from spinning the Silver Gacha.

Monster Book EntryEdit

Hochlees like to waste the day away, eating and sleeping in lush, grassy fields. Their fur is covered by special Hochlee Oil which makes fur texture so soft. Never the aggressor, they'd rather hang back than have to fully wake up and fight.

Len's Description
"This little guy is a Hochlee. They tend to be very tame. Hochless is also the mascot for the Monster Guild, probably because Hochlee is the Chairman's favorite monster."


Hochlee seems to be based on a racoon. It has huge round eyes, yellow cheeks, pink fur, small arms and legs, and a pink ringed racoon tail. It swings side-to-side when pleased.

Max StatsEdit

Common Uncommon Rare Epic
Max. Stamina 525 900 2400 5400
Max. Power 255 425 1020 2040
Max. Agility 150 250 600 1200


  • As the mascot for the Monster Guild, Hochlee appears as the image button on a lot of Monster Fusion functions, such as Fusion, Gacha, Monster Book cover, and several Quests.
  • Even the Monster Fusion favicon is a Hochlee.
  • You can see a Hochlee on the left-side corner of the Greenland Acres map.
  • The Chairman of the Monster Guild looks like a Hochlee.
  • At a certain point, Len describes Earth Elemental as a female version of the Hochlee. Acopo exclaims that it looks disgusting.
  • Despite the silly appearance, Hochlee is actually tied with Wild Majishi and Firetail as the Common Monster with the highest Max Power.

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