Job QuestsEdit

Capture a baby snow spiderEdit

Cost: 8/32 QP

Reward: Pounce Manual

Capture the essence of a PhoenixEdit

Cost: 8/32 QP

Reward: Phoenix Aura Manual

Change a Golden Brayer's OilEdit

Cost: 2/?? QP

Reward: Oil Slick Manual

Eat pudding and jelloEdit

Cost: 2/?? QP

Reward: Gelatinous Body Manual

Learn the traditional techniqueEdit

Cost: 3/?? QP

Reward: Luck Essence

Make a spotlight for your houseEdit

Cost: ?/??

Reward: Eerie Light Manual

Tae Kwon Do 201Edit

Cost: 4/?? QP

Reward: Thrust Punch Manual

Treat a Radiation burnEdit

Cost: 2/?? QP

Reward: Radiation Manual