Wing Star
Wing Star

No. 014

Wing Star







Initial Trick

Angel Powder

Wing Star is an Air Element Monster that can be acquired from spinning the Silver Gacha.

Monster Book EntryEdit

The Wing Star flies around with its huge wings and has silk-like fur that shines whenever it moves. There's an old tale that says good fortune comes to those who see a Wing Star. But don't be fooled by its cute appearance. It's really aggressive!

Len's Description
"This little guy is a Wing Star. People think they bring good fortune. Personally, I think so, too. Well... no scientific proof though. What? Well, there was something... but, no nevermind!"


Wing Star looks like a cat's head with wings. It has small feet and tail, pale greenish markings on its head and the tip of its wings, and has a halo over it's head. Wing star is based on an angel.

Max StatsEdit

Common Uncommon Rare Epic
Max. Stamina 455 780 2080 4680
Max. Power 150 250 600 1200
Max. Agility 255 425 1020 2400

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